Personalized Customization SR8

Personalized Customization SR8

As the Flagship product of Sound Rhyme at present, SR8 has received unanimous praise both domestically and internationally. Today, we bring you a personalized customization plan for the appearance of SR8.

The overall appearance adopts a dark yellow color scheme, paired with gold foil, making the entire product shine brightly under the lighting. The stage effect is excellent and very suitable for stage performances.

The configuration still uses a flagship configuration of 14 drivers on one side, with a total of 28 drivers, bringing extremely deep diving and a wide frequency range, with high pitch accuracy, sweet mid range, and strong bass.

On the wiring, 8-strand high-purity single crystal copper silver plated wire is used, paired with 1-to-3 plugs, including mainstream 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs, which are suitable for the vast majority of multimedia devices and truly achieve worry free use.

The packaging is equipped with a leather storage box, which not only looks beautiful and atmospheric, but also provides daily storage. The size is 10 * 7 * 4cm, compact and convenient for daily carrying.